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Achieving Natural Fertility after Birth Control

There are countless reasons that could be contributing factors to why you are unable to achieve natural fertility. The goal of trying to conceive naturally is one that most couples avidly seek. After all, if there is a way to allow Mother Nature to do her job as opposed to relying upon prescription drugs, all the better. Learn about a few tips that might be able to help you in this article.

Talking to Your Doctor About Birth Control Cessation
If you are currently taking birth control, you will need to speak with your doctor regarding natural fertility. According to leading experts, birth control can still have lasting effects in your body for months after you stop taking it. Consult with your physician to find out how long you can expect these effects to impact your ability to conceive.

Memorizing Your Ovulation Window
You need to know when your body is primed to receive the sperm in order to take advantage of these key moments. All women have a unique ovulation cycle. Some women will ovulate for a longer period and others will ovulate for shorter periods of time. Generally speaking, the two days before and after ovulation occurs are ideal for conception.

Increasing Sexual Activity
You can’t get pregnant if you don’t have sex, and lots of it. Sexual experts advise that you introduce exciting new elements to your sex life to increase the chances of conception. This will help you both become more excited about sex instead of focusing on the monotony of trying for a baby over and over again.

Tracking Your Progress
Keep a fertility journal. Take detailed and intimate notes. Make sure you talk about your ovulation cycle and your feelings. Track your progress and even talk about the past pregnancy tests that you used and how you were feeling at the time. This can help you stay better focused on the task at hand: achieving conception naturally.

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