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11 Ways New Progestia (for Women) Can Help Your Pregnancy

Yad-Tech is always hard at work avidly researching the next great nutraceutical breakthrough that we can add to our family of growing fertility, prenatal, post natal and post conception products. The arrival of Progestia to the family of Yad-Tech supplements ushers in a new era of preconception care. Progestia is designed to help supply vital micronutrients and fatty acids thought essential to pregnancy health. A sufficient supply of these constituents can help reduce the risks of premature birth and help to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Learn about 11 ways that Progestia delivers.

Progestia Contains these 11 ingredients:

  1. Vitamin A: helps the embryo grow and develop properly and is essential to a healthy pregnancy.
  2. Vitamin D3: helps to support calcium and phosphorus absorption, and aids in bone growth while reducing numerous natal risks.
  3. Vitamin E: helps the body to develop vital fetal tissue, and is thought to also reduce the propensity for a complications during pregnancy.
  4. Iron: helps to sustain healthy iron amounts in the body for growth of the placenta and development of the brain.
  5. Zinc: protects key proteins from oxidation and works to enhance the immune system.
  6. Copper: works to increase immune response rate and protects the integrity of the cells.
  7. Iodine: helps to maintain healthy thyroid function during pregnancy.
  8. Folic Acid: helps the fetus to grow properly and aids in the development of the central nervous system. Is thought to reduce risk of birth defect.
  9. Vitamin B6: helps maintain vital cellular nervous system functions.
  10. Vitamin B12: helps the body better form fetal central nerves, and helps to enhance the fetal immune and circulatory systems.
  11. Fatty acid: helps develop the brain system, and is thought to help reduce risks of low birth weight and  premature birth.
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